Local Military Family Meets First Lady

Lithia Springs High School graduate and military spouse, Kim Porter, met Michelle Obama on Sunday in London.

Editor's note: Kim Porter graduated from in 1996 and her husband graduated from in the same year. On Sunday, Kim and her family met Michelle Obama. Here is the letter she wrote Douglasville Patch:

From Kim's first letter:

and is currently posted in Korea for one year and we stayed behind in the United Kingdom. We have lived here since 2004.

From Kim's newest letter:

It was truly a great experience meeting the First Lady. My girls, Hannah, Caitlin and Kayleigh Porter, absolutely loved it. While waiting for the First Lady to get there they were greeted by the U.S. Ambassador. Then the First Lady came into the hanger and made her rounds to everyone that was there. When she got to us she gave all my girls great big hug and asked them if they were at the Let's Move program in London.

I was able to take a picture of them with her and I asked if I could get one too. After we took a few photos she then gave each one of my children a great big hug individually. This had made their day. She was so very personable and I sure if she was not on a tight schedule she would have stayed longer and spent more time with all the kids. This is an experience my girls will be able to talk about later.


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