Yogli Mogli Voted Best Yogurt Shop

After we polled Patch viewers all week, Yogli Mogli came out on top.

Douglasville Patch voters have spoken.  has their favorite yorgurt.

all week, Yogli Mogli came out on top.

"We're honored to be considered the best yorgurt in Douglasville," Joey O'Bryant said, store manager. "We want to make a difference in the community and this shows we're on the right track.

"Thanks to the community for all of their support," he said. "We look forward to a great summer."

We won't have a poll next week but the following week, we'll be looking for the best place for your pet to stay while you're on vacation. Where's the best doggie day care in the area?

If you have suggestions for this category, please include them in the comments after this article. We can no longer add businesses once the poll gets started.

Congrats to Yogli Mogli!

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