Gain the Most from Your Daily Dose of Exercise

Helpful tips to take to the gym.

One of my favorite trainers, Corey Waller, has a quote he uses when you think you can’t go any further, he says, “You eat until it hurts, you drink until hurts, so you better train until it hurts!!”

Ok, so you have decided your body and mind will benefit from regular exercise, and you have carved out a time in your schedule to workout. Here are beneficial tips and pitfalls to watch for that will help you gain the most from your daily dose of exercise.

First, try to work multiple muscles at once. You will make better use of this precious time you have. Instead of doing just bicep curls, do bicep curls and lunges together. Perform a shoulder press or shoulder lifts while balancing on a stability ball. If a treadmill is your machine of choice, keep some 2- or 3-pound weights nearby. When you finish your normal workout, increase your incline, pick up the weights and walk while pumping your arms. Using different muscles simultaneously will improve not only your stamina, but also increase the number of calories you burn.

Second, your workout is your time, all about you and no one else. NO READING OR TALKING ON THE PHONE! Be selfish and center in on you. Accept the luxurious gift of 30 minutes to one hour each day where you do nothing but focus on yourself. Do not think about work, soccer practice, carpool, deadlines or the grocery store. This is your time, a gift for you and about you. Moreover, no can concentrate on the details and gain all the benefits of exercise, when you are talking to your mother, sister or husband on the phone. Remember, when it comes to fitness, the difference is in the details.

SWEAT! Nothing bothers me more than when I go to an exercise class and someone moves a fan next to me and turns it on high. One fantastic benefit of exercising is sweating. Sweating is one of the best things your body can do. Sweating causes your body to cool, which helps you to avoid heatstroke, dizziness, weakness, and racing heartbeats. Toxin cleansing, getting rid of compounds your body does not need such as lactic acid and uric acid occurs when you sweat. Sweat cleanses your skin by washing away all in its way as it reaches the skin’s surface. So ditch the fan, push yourself and sweat. It is not supposed to be easy!

While working out, focus on getting stronger, not just thinner. Sure losing weight is one fantastic benefit of fitness, but it is by no means the only one. When you are pushing to the limits and think you cannot go farther, think about the many ways you are helping your body. Exercise combats chronic disease, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, makes your heart and lungs stronger and it can also be fun.

Finally, keeping an exercise and food log definitely keeps you honest. I was recently asked to keep a three-day food journal, and it sure did make me think twice about everything that I put in my mouth. No more mindless eating. I definitely had slip ups, but actually having to write down the Easter candy I took from my children’s baskets kept it to a minimum. As with exercise, what a sense of pride you feel when you add distance to a running log, minutes to your walk, or pounds to dumbbell weight you lifted in your exercise journal. Write it down; it not only keeps you honest, but it pushes you beyond what you think are your limits.

I leave it to you, it is now or never!


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