Dorsett Shoals Elementary Assists Hurricane Sandy Storm Victims

Students and teachers at Dorsett Shoals Elementary School contributed school supplies and Christmas care packages for 10 New Jersey schools.

When Katherine Russ, fourth grade teacher at Dorsett Shoals Elementary School, heard about the damage from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, she wanted to do something to help one of the schools in that area. What started out as a small project turned into a project that has had a big impact.

A news article was on Dorsett Shoals’ website encouraging others to donate school supplies for the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

Joy Hardwick lives in Southern California, has a son who is in the fourth grade, and was also looking for a way for her son’s classroom to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. She conducted research on the Internet looking for ways to assist the victims of the storm. When she googled Storm Sandy and fourth grade classes, the project that Ms. Russ and her classroom were conducting was one of the selections from which to choose. Ms. Hardwick contacted Ms. Russ
via email and they exchanged information.

Thanks to the efforts of these two ladies, school supplies were collected and shipped to New Jersey. News spread in the Southern California community of Ms. Hardwick and soon, a total of 10 schools in the New Jersey area had received not only school supplies but Christmas care packages as well from Southern California.


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