Academy Helps Kids with Homework

Trowers Dream Academy helps Douglasville parents spend more quality time with their children.

Trowers Dream Academy (TDA) helps parents cut down time spent nightly on homework with their children. TDA’s main focus is to provide a service for parents that will not only help their children but also help their parents. “Parents are tired after a long day of work and traffic. The last thing they should have to do is come home and worry about helping their child complete their homework. The time parents spend with their children in the evening should be spent on planning for the next day, preparing for dinner and relaxing with their child,” Deven Trowers, CEO, said in a press release.

Trowers Dream Academy after school tutorial program is located at Deer Lick Park’s Fun Center. The cost is $60 weekly which includes transportation for students K-8, snack and after school tutorial. Students are given a daily snack and assistance with their homework. TDA students are required to read daily for a minimum of 20 minutes. Students of TDA have a 97 percent completion rate daily of their homework assignments.

The service has been available to students at Deer Lick Park Fun Center since August 2012 and the program will run until May 2013.

Trowers is a native of Richmond, CA., and received her B.A from Spelman College. She has been working with students as a mentor and tutor for more than nine years. Her passion of education led her to the founding of Trowers Dream Academy.

"I love that TDA’s first priority is to make sure that my child's homework is complete and correct, so all I have to do is sign the reading log. This makes my after-work time during the week with my child more about fun and bonding than responsibility. I am so grateful to have a program that does more than just babysit my child. They teach my child valuable life lessons," stated Kimberly, a parent of a TDA student.

TDA also teaches its students the importance of culture through various monthly themes. The month of January students learned about Chinese New Year and next month students will be preparing for their Black History Month presentations.

"I am proud to say all of my after school students have great grades and enjoy working hard daily. They understand the staff of TDA truly care about their future and we are here to help them along the way. It truly takes a village to raise children and we the community must help the parents and teachers can’t do it all," said Deven.

TDA picks up students from a variety of Douglas County Schools both elementary and middle.

There will also be a Reading and Math Summer Camp at the Deer Lick Park Fun Center which will be held June 3 through August 7 K through 6 and that will cost students $80 which includes breakfast and an afternoon snack from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Students will visit educational historic sites such as Federal Reserve Bank, Martin Luther King Jr. Center, and more. A minimum of 2-3 book reports will be required for students.

For more information about Trowers Dream Academy, visit www.trowersdreamacademy.com or call 770-693-8892.

Lady H January 31, 2013 at 04:49 PM
My child attends this program and I can honestly say it has been a TREMENDOUS help! Not only does it help to take the added stress and pressure of completing homework off our shoulders, it has allowed my daughter to form excellent study habits. My daughter has been invited to be in the Junior Beta club and I know it is in no small part due to the staff at Trowers Dream Academy.....thanks Trowers!!!


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