Does Lebron Deserve All of the Scrutiny or is He Really The Best in The NBA

Lebron, might be recognized as the best player in the NBA, but if you really take a deep look at him, he might not be!

Lebron James might be the best basketball player in the world yet still most people think he isn't the best in the NBA. How can this be?

One of the most frequent questions asked in the barbershop these days is who is the best NBA player today? Usually you will get Duranchula, Kobe, maybe even D-Rose but when Lerbon's name is mentioned then it actually becomes a barbershop debate. Why is that? He is 6-8 about 250; might be the fastest player since Allen Iverson (if not faster), explosive as a young Charles Barkley, has passing vision like a pure point guard, and making eye contact with the rim when dunking just like the Jordans and Vince Carters of the NBA past. Who else in the league is more competitive than James other than Kobe? No one. Who is a better one on one defender than Lebron today? No one. Lebron might be the only player in the game today who can defend every position in the game. He is the most dominant player who does it night in and night out. So why is this a big argument?

Some can take the easy route and say it's because he wanted to join Wade and Bosh to win a championship, but that's not good enough. Clyde Drexler had to join Hakeem Olajuwon after Houston won a championship the previous year to get his. You might even say it's because he doesn't have one yet. But Durant doesn't have one either. One of the biggest knocks on Lebron is he isn't clutch but whoever came up with that statement can't be a basketball fan. This is the same man who scored the Cavs final 25 points in a decisive game 5 Eastern Conference Finals to beat the favored Detroit Pistons and led his team to the Finals WITH NO HELP!!! The same guy who took Boston to the brink of a possible elimination in game 7 of the ECF WITH NO HELP!!! And this was when he was shooting fade away three pointers and didn't have a clue about the game. Also people seem to forget that he has a few buzzer beaters in his career. So why is this a big debate?

Well I have a few theories of my own. First off the media might have a lot to do with it. Besides Michael Jordan, I don't think no one has been under the microscope of the media like James has. It started with televising his high school games on national television. Before playing one minute in a NBA game the media granted him the name King James! They built him a perception of someone he's not. For instance, Lebron is not a shoot first type player. He is not a typical "my team" person, which was displayed when he joined the Miami Heat. If you think about his pre Miami Heat days, The media crowned him the best player in the NBA and Kobe was still winning championships. But as soon as he made the mistake of going public with his decision of leaving the Cavs, then the media pounced on him. Yes, he hasn't won a "chip" and I understand he is the most talented player in the universe but once again that is because of the microscope of the NBA. Take Jerry West for example, West as great as he was played in nine NBA Finals but only has one championship, yet still he is the NBA logo. So I honestly believe that today's market plays a big part in this debate.

One of the biggest reasons he is talked about is because he doesn't posses that killer instinct. There is a fine line between clutch and having killer instinct. Robert Horry was one of the most clutch performers but killer instinct is not in the same zip code as Horry. When and if he smells blood, Lebron doesn't go after it. When a player disappears in the final 2-3 minutes and you're suppose to be great, then that's a problem. For the love of sports, he won't post up players and punish them that he out weighs. And shooting fade aways on 6-4 players is not dominating in the post. Especially when you're in the finals and you have a team down 2-1 on your own court and you're up late in the fourth and you have the ability that Lebron James has and you don't take over the game. That makes it a big problem. Case Close!

Is he the best player in the universe, maybe so. Might be the best player in the NBA, but if I can name maybe 4 players that I would have lead my team before him then that's where the debate begins.

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combandbrush April 14, 2012 at 02:18 AM
His game isn't matching all the accolades he's getting. Overrated.
Raphael Haynes April 14, 2012 at 02:40 AM
I don't think he is overrated but I wonder will he reach his full potential! I really never been a fan but I respect his game!
twons2cents April 14, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Let him be as good as good as he can be. may us as fans want him to be somewhere in his career that he just has not made it too yet.I agree with his physical attributes , His still developing skill set he CAN be the best in the game....one day. He needs to strengthen his mental, he says he does not pay attention to the scrutiny but his game at times says otherwise.I think he doesn't want to be responsible for not winning it all at this point in his career and thats why he disappears late in close games, why he left the cavs where he was the only star to join another star to not carry the load but shoulder the burden of losing. once toughens up mentally "HE WILL BE THE BEST" ...til then lets not set false expectations. And Im NOT a Heat fan.
Raphael Haynes April 14, 2012 at 11:48 AM
The funny thing is I use to judge him like crazy and talk about his game but his game is crazy! I'm with you that he doesn't want the responsibility to lose the game. That's why I think the media has something to do with it. Before he left Cleveland, the media was on his side, even if he missed a shot and I understand he wants to leave because the owner isn't getting him the help he deserves but as soon as he made the "decision then that's when they turned on him. He's not used to that type of pressure. It doesn't make since that he dominates the first 44-45 minutes and disappears when the game is on the line and I'm not talking about missing shots, he doesn't want to take a shot.
Hb Jared Joiner April 14, 2012 at 11:25 PM
He is the best payer in the league hands down he just thinks to much. Play your game at all times and he will be good
Snookie001 April 15, 2012 at 12:10 AM
I guess the question is what does having the title the best player in the NBA consist of? then that should determine who is the best player in the NBA!!!
will moor April 15, 2012 at 04:32 PM
This is a 2 edge sword question. On one hand, I'll say NO he don't deserved all the scrutiny he gets because there are a lot of other high profile players thats in the league that have not won a NBA Championship nor do they get scrutinies as much or hard as LeBron does. But, at the same token, he was celebrited & put on a pedestal from high school! Dubed the next "Big Thing or M.J" in which he not only embrassed but he choosed to tattoo the words "Chosen One" on his back. So for that if not anything, YES his scrutining is some what justifiable.
will moor April 15, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Now, on the topic of "Is he really the NBA best player", I'll have to say NO! This also is a 2edge sword question. Since when do been the "Best Player" get the title when their team is not even the "Best Team" in the league? I'm sorry, but this new age ball players or society have absolutely no idea about been winners or sports! In todays society, you can be a total loser, but due to the fact that you have money or is liked by popular demand, you can be dubed the "Best Player"! Lebron James have NOT WON ANYTHING! Anything in regards to winning a NBA Championship which is or should be the ONLY thing that matters in a profession were thats the pinnacle or goal for everyone.
Raphael Haynes April 15, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Great point Will. I forgot about the tatoo on his back. I think its a combination of he is a victom of his own talents, the media and he put mark on him himself with the tatoo!!!
Murray Jr April 16, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Talk to me again when he plays all four quarters in a deciding championship game. No way around it. He choked last year. Champions don't choke they rise to the occasion on the biggest stages. If he wins it this year all will be forgotten if he doesn't......
Raphael Haynes April 16, 2012 at 09:38 PM
hey bruh, I can't argue with you on that.don't know how you can be the best and not have a championship!!!
dee palmore April 19, 2012 at 11:42 PM
I'm just going 2 put it ths way,he is overrated,stop calln him tha king,he is not proven yet,ths is a fact and u hearing it frm me,he will b another great player who will never win a ring like barkley and wilkins,MJ U R SAFE
Jeremy April 21, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Big J I would seem to agree with you, clutch is totally different from having killer instinct. MJ and Kobe alike believed and would act on that belief when they had their prey down for the count. They left nothing to chance and opportunity. I believe killer instinct cannot be engineered however it can be desired after the right kind of loss. Take the last Bulls vs Heat game, an altercation occurred between Rip Hamilton and D. Wade. D. Wade did not like the calls that were going Rip's way nor did he like the way Rip was starting the altercation and kept talking. So directly after the flagrant 1 call, D Wade made play after play, in response. I believe at some point, Lebron James will develop that hate that is needed to want to beat someone or team in to submission and if possible ultimate oblivion. Trust me, the fact that Charles Barkley, John Starks, and Patrick Ewing never got a ring while MJ was in the NBA still delights Jordan to this day. Lebron will need others not to win, and for him to be the reason why they do not win, in order for him to labeled as a basketball dream killer and the ultimate leader and chip getter.
Raphael Haynes April 21, 2012 at 05:36 PM
I feel you. However I believe that killer instinct isn't teachable or something anyone can learn. I think its an attitude and personality. He is a great player and even might be clutch but when you fear to take the last shot or to put the game in your hands because you don't want to dissapoint anyone. Then you won't be in the disscussion with elite players of the greastest
Phillip April 21, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Prt 1: Hmmm. How to answer this????. Okay. Lebron James hands down could be the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball! Lebron will never be that! Reason being he doesnt have the mental toughness to become that. Stats wise it seems that he is the best in the NBA, but hes not, that could arguably go to Kobe, Durant, CP3, & D-Rose. The thing that seperates these players from Lebron is there mental toughness!!!! That killer insect that kicks in and takes a game over, not just in the regular season but in the playoffs as well. Lebron has had moments in his carreer were we've seeno that but overall its not there. That mental toughness is why Kobe has 5rings. Before Kobe had the skill set he had the attitude, then he worked on his game to become arguably the best ever (sidebar: I don't like Kobe, I have a strong dislike for him. But theres no way you can knock this man.) Example: The year L.A played the Suns in the WCF, Grant Hill did a great job in defending Kobe, you cant play better D; But Kobe went from being human to a freak of nature!!! What took his game to another level?
Phillip April 21, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Prt 2: Mental Toughness A.K.A Killer Instinct!! Part of this is Lebrons fault why he doesnt have it cause after being in the league almost 10years what are you doing with your life?? All the coaches hes had since High School did him a injustice, they shouldve helped him developed that, change his game from a 2guard to an unstopable force in the paint, with a side of i can play outside.The other person to blame in this is the Media. They have handed him everything on a silver platter since he was in High School. Being called the King before he ever stepped foot on a basketball court is crazy. He never had to work for anything, they stunted his growth, he got it all too soon, he didnt have to work for it. Now when he goes to MIA to get a ring we say hes taking the easy way out, but guess what thats what you created! Thats how hes been trained, so all the blame doesnt go on him. Lebron James is a Superstar Lamar Odom the talent is there but the mental toughness, the killer instinct, to go to the next level isnt & until he figures out how to develope it & personally i feel like its too late, he'll never be the BEST!
Raphael Haynes April 22, 2012 at 01:38 AM
I agree except that you can't b3e taught killer instinct. If that was the case then most of the NBA would have. I agree with everything else.


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