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Rep. Roger Bruce Addresses Town Hall

Rep. Roger Bruce talked to about 30 people about a variety of issues at Wednesday's meeting including charter schools and a bill he has introduced, allowing parents to take 12 hours off of work annually to address a child's school issues.

Representative Roger Bruce held a town hall meeting Wednesday night at the in an event he and Sen. Donzella James were to both address but James was held at the Capitol and missed the meeting.

In the attached video, Bruce gives his take on Georgia HB 1162. The bill has passed the House, giving the state the power to create charter schools, where previously only local school boards had that power.

Also in the video, Bruce discusses legislation he has introduced, allowing a parent to take up to 12 hours per year off of work in order to deal with issues a child might have at school, without putting the parent's job at risk.

Several other topics, such as the upcoming T-SPLOST vote, as well as other legislation and questions are detailed in an article by the Douglas County Sentinel.


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