Grand Jury: Scrutinize Council Pay, Sheriff's Dept. Improve Communication

The Douglas County Grand Jury's report issued on Friday, strongly recommends that the Mayor and City Council scrutinize the current pay system and that communications at the Sheriff's Department needs significant improvement.

The April 2012 Douglas County Grand Jury made several important findings during their six-month term. Their strongest recommendation was that the current Douglasville Mayor and City Council carefully scrutinize their pay system, something they've already started to address with a unanimous vote during their Oct. 1 meeting, moving to a salary system.

"With the recent indictment of former Mayor Mickey Thompson, the current pay system is obviously subject to abuse," reads the report, filed with County Clerk Rhonda Payne at about noon on Friday.

"Also, we highly recommend that the current pay system be abolished and replaced with a pay system that is reflective of every other city in the State of Georgia," reads the (attached) report. "Furthermore, the April 2012 Grand Jury calls for any City Council person who received payment for any meeting identified by the GBI as being unauthorized to immediately return all money with no regard to whether or not criminal charges are forthcoming."

The grand jury also observed that the organization, policies and procedures of the Douglas County Jail System need further, detailed review.

"While some very much needed changes have occurred, we believe that the desired outcomes have not been satisfactorily met," reads the report. "Some department leadership at the Douglas County Sheriff's Department does not appear as strong or as effective as desired. There was much evidence of individual egoism, aloofness and lack of responsiveness or concern to citizens. There appears to be inconsistency and lack of follow-up in some cases that we heard. Effective communications up and down the chain of command need significant improvement."

The report goes on to note: "This jury heard far too many cases of repeat offenders committing child molestation, assault, weapons violation and other Serious felonies. The system appears much too ready to return felons to the street where they endanger citizens and repeat similar crimes."

The Grand Jury also found many cases of doctor shopping in Douglas County.

"It is the recommendation of this Grand Jury that all County and City pharmacies be required to use adequate technology and software that would allow communication and sharing of records between the doctor and pharmacy when prescribing any medication for a patient," reads the report.

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