City Council Passes Party Resolution

A resolution that involves police notification of parties of 10 or more people was unanimously passed on Monday night.

The unanimously passed a resolution on Monday night that encourages residents to notify the when a party with 10 or more people in attendance will be taking place in the city. Douglas County delegation members will now introduce the resolution to the Georgia General Assembly during the 2012 legislative session.

The idea was proposed by Monique Rivarde, whose teenage son, Bobby Tillman, was killed at a party in Douglas County in 2010. After the vote, Rivarde, who was accompanied by her daughter, Fashionee Jones, and a group of teenagers from and High Schools, thanked city council members for their support.

“We just want to make our teens safe. I don’t want another child to go through what Bobby did,” she said. 

State Representative Roger Bruce was also in attendance and praised the council for its decision, calling it a step in the right direction for identifying and preventing teen violence.

Other Douglasville residents came forward to speak out against the measure, calling it unnecessary and an invasion of privacy, and insisting it would just take resources away from other serious crimes happening in the community.

“I really feel like what goes on in my home is really my business. I shouldn’t have to notify our government when I’m having a barbecue in my backyard,” said James Bell of Lithia Springs.

Douglasville resident James Quarterman said, “I think we’re acting prematurely. We can’t go around enacting laws every time someone dies.”

After the meeting, Rivarde reinforced the idea that her goal with the resolution was simply to keep kids safe. “It’s not just for Bobby; it’s for all teens. I encourage people to read the resolution first,” she said, pointing out that it is “simply a request, not an ordinance” and that it is aimed towards parties for teenagers, not adults.

James Bell September 21, 2011 at 03:08 PM
Government is very reactionary. They want to be views as being in control and on top of issues. How many times have you heard "There needs to be a law..." I agree... We have all the laws needed to prosecute crimes against persons and property. When we call 911 we expect a timely response, not excises as to why they can't locate our address. Chef Womack has some splainin' to do.
Richard Radzik November 24, 2011 at 04:48 PM
I feel that once again, we are endorsing a Nanny State. Can you imagine a 6 year old's birthday party being reported to the police? What about a bar-b-q at the Fire Department? Maybe a Swim Party at Boundry Water Park? Or perhaps a Church Christmas Party? This is going overboard. Let's remember that every citizen has the right to contact the police department if they are going to have a function which they think could get out of control. By putting this on the books as a law at a later date, wastes the time of our legislators, adds another law on the books that will not be inforced, etc. I guess if I have a party of nine people, that it is impossible for a teenager to get killed? I totally feel sorry for the family that lost their teen last year, but even if the police were notified that there would be a party, they (the police) would not be in attendance, and the loss of life could and probably would have still occurred. In stead of making a new law (voluntary at this time), why don't we enforce the current laws. If we want to keep our teens totally safe, put them in a harm proof bubble, don't allow them to drive or be out of your sight, home school them, child proof their environment, etc., etc., etc.. This is as ridiculous as making a law to notify the police. Aren't they already patrolling our community? Aren't we paying for 911 service? Aren't the police already prepared to respond? Here is another dumb solution - Party Security Guards.
Lara September 14, 2012 at 02:04 PM
I suppport the decison, presevation of the community and help the police in their efforts to keep us safe. They do their best and we should all do what we can to stand in support.
Richard R September 14, 2012 at 06:30 PM
I support this as a resolution, but not as a future law. When we start dictating that people notify police when a large group of people get together for a party or perhaps another event, then we will tie up the Police department, cause more law enforcement personnel to be hired, needing more cars, utilizing more gas, paying more retirements, when it is the responsibility of the individual hosting such an event to take responsibility. When someone drinks to much at a bar, we hold the bartender responsible. When three friends who are hanging out together decide to jump and rob or possibly kill some other person, will we now have to notify police if we are walking in groups of three? Nothing would have stopped the tradgedy which caused this topic to arise. There were enough people there who could have stopped this, but did nothing. Once the police drive by, and are out of sight, this individual could still have been killed. If you aren't already looking out for your fellow man, then you are the problem, not the solution.
Jenna Fisher January 28, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Hi, I support this resolution in the sense that it may save another teenagers life but it seems that many are against it. The law is for the lawless. I really do not think it should become a law because we already have laws in place to deal with thugs however, the real reasons why Bobby Tillman died is because no one tried to step in and help him they just stood by and watched the life get beaten, punched, stomped and kicked out of Bobby Tillman. He was human being, a child of God, and he did not have to die did he? Just think about it! four thugs and sixty plus uninvited people at a party surely the fight could have been stopped. As a community we choose not to care or get involved because we do not want to get hurt (but ask yourself this question what if that was my son or daughter) what would you do?? In addition, what about the mother of the girl who hosted this party in her home when she saw ten plus, twenty plus, or fifty plus uninvited teens in her yard why didn’t she ask them to leave? She is responsible for Bobby's death, as well, this resolution cannot teach people how to show compassion or how to be a better and responsible parents or a society that only comes from a relationship with God.


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