Teens' Cell Phone Videos of Cotton Mill Fire Released

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department has released the videos taken by the teenagers convicted of burning down the historic Douglasville cotton mill.

Douglasville Patch obtained the cell phone videos captured by the teenagers sentenced for their roles in destroying the historic Douglasville cotton mill last May.

Adrian Bond, 19, Terry Carringer, 19, and Jeromie Hand, 18, were sentenced to 60 to 120 days in a probation detention center and seven years of probation after each pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and second degree arson on Nov. 14.

In the attached videos, the teens can be heard joking and cursing while they watch and record video of the mill's destruction. "This is so cool," one is heard saying. "Look, those power lines are hanging down in the fire," another comments.

One teen is heard saying he watched sunrises from the roof of the mill.

In one video a teen is heard saying, "That's the biggest bonfire we've been able to pull off, huh?"

In another portion of the video, someone is heard stating "I would be so proud if I had caused this." Someone else replies, "Me too. I would feel bad but it would be cool if we actually did it."

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