DCSO Explorers Win Big in Competition

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 104 went to Gatlinburg TN., to compete in a regional competition and came away with some big wins.

"I would like to congratulate the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 104," said Sgt. E.H. Horn on the Sheriff's Facebook page today.

"This weekend we went to Gatlinburg TN., to compete in a regional competition. There were about 80 different law-enforcement agencies represented at this compe...tition. There were departments from GA, AL, SC, NC, VA, LA, TN, and FL.

The Explorers competed in seven different competitions, and these are the results:

Warrant Service 1st place
Written Exam 1st place
Crime Scene 2nd place
Domestic Violence 5th Place
Cell Extraction 7th Place
Physical Challenge 7th Place
Class "A" Uniform 9th Place

"This is an awesome job," Horn, from the Sheriff's Department's Training Division, "When you see them please congratulate them. Also I would like to thank the Deputies and Investigators who came and took their time to help teach the explorers these events. This showed the expertise in our department. So when you see these folks congratulate them as well. They did a great job teaching these kids. They took time out of their lives to help someone else."
Inv. Dale Kelley
Inv. Joey Garland
Inv. Greg Ashcraft
Inv. Jay Hayes
Inv. Susan Sweat
Inv. Matt Grey
Deputy Eddie Englett
Sgt. David Martin
Sgt. Glenn Daniel
Deputy Lewis Fredenburg
Deputy Keith Hayes
Deputy Matt Harper
Lt. Bryan Wood
Tonya Powers

"And if I have forgotten anyone please forgive me because we get so much help it is hard to remember everyone,"
Sgt. E.H. Horn
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Training Division


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