Scam Alert: IRS Won't Call You on the Phone To Say You Owe Back Taxes

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says it has received several complaints.

Douglas County, Ga., police news
Douglas County, Ga., police news
The Douglas County Sheriff's Office posted an alert on its Facebook page Friday morning, warning residents of a scam involving a phone caller posing as an IRS representative and saying you owe back taxes and need to pay up now or else.

This scam has been reported in several areas around metro Atlanta, including Douglas County.

Here's the sheriff's office post:

We have just received complaints of an IRS Scam. The person will have a middle eastern accent and say they are from the IRS. The person will inform you they have reevaluated you're previous tax files and have found an error in which you owe more money. They will then tell you, you have a warrant for your arrest and if you follow certain steps you will not be arrested. They give you one hour to get an substantial amount of cash. They don't want debit or credit cards. They will tell you they will stay on the line while you get in your car and go to the money. Once you get the money they will tell you to go to a location. Once there they will tell you to buy Green DOT cards. When the transaction is finished they will ask for the Green DOT numbers and then the money is gone.


The IRS will either send you a certified letter or will arrive in person. No person will call you over the phone and inform you there is an active warrant for you and demand money. If the person demands money and advises you of an active warrant.

Copy the phone number they called you from.

Call Douglas County Sheriff's Office, 770-942-2121, immediately.


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