Recently Out of Jail, Volunteer Loves to Help Troubled Teens (Video)

Douglasville Patch will present a short video each day this week featuring participants and volunteers in the Youth Against Violence Program.

Local teens and police got together Saturday as they do every week but this time those in Douglasville's Youth Against Violence Program had a recent tragedy to use as a teachable moment. The group discussed Thursday's shooting at Price Middle School in Atlanta, where a 14-year-old student was shot in the head.

In its sixth year, the Douglasville Police Department's Youth Against Violence Program is a proactive approach to keeping teens out of trouble and helping them make good decisions.

In the attached video, a program volunteer and role model, Julie Cooper, says she is excited to work and wants them to know they're loved.

Deputy Police Chief Gary Sparks, a founder of the program, estimates that more than 1,500 teens have been through the course over the six years of the program's existence.

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Recent Shooting Used as Teachable Moment for Youth Against Violence Program


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