No One Injured in Downtown Train Crash

No one was injured today when a train crashed into a car that was stuck on the railroad track in downtown Douglasville this afternoon.

The Mosley and Bankhead street intersection is still blocked after a train crashed into a car at 2:29 p.m. in downtown Douglasville, according to Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack. No one was injured in the accident.

A woman drove slightly off the road and her car became hung up on the tracks, Womack said. The woman got out of the vehicle and several people nearby tried to get the car unstuck but were unable to before the train crashed into the car.

"Witnesses said the woman tried to go back into the car several times to get her purse," Womack said. "Nothing inside the car is worth your life. When it's human vs. train, the train wins every time."

Womack said the railroad has sent a train engine to remove the damaged train engine that was involved in the crash and he expects the wreck to be cleared sometime tonight.


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