Man Stabbed to Death on Yeager Rd.

David Baltodano, 27, has been charged with murder and burglary, and Don Peden, 65, is dead.

Don Peden, 65, was stabbed to death at his home on Yeager Road on Wednesday when he came home from work and found his neighbor trying to steal his property, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

David Baltodano, 27, has been charged with murder and burglary, according to arrest records. He is in the Douglas County Jail.

It appears as though a male homeowner came home and found a neighbor burglarizing his home,” Sheriff Phil Miller told the Douglas County Sentinel. “Information suggests that the homeowner was attacked by the neighbor. We believe (Baltodano) pulled his knife and stabbed the homeowner several times. The homeowner is dead.”

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Dick Jones April 27, 2012 at 08:25 PM
In all fairness, the sheriff himself cannot be aware of every jail issue in real time. That's typically what the jail command staff is for. It seems to be a departmental failure, not necessarily a failure on the part of the sheriff personally. Let's not forget the many things that DCSO and Sheriff Miller are doing RIGHT. There are plenty of bad guys in prison because DCSO investigators really do get it done. The money issue is the 10,000 pound elephant that is running around the room smashing things while everyone stays quiet. If DCSO wasn't invisible in my neighborhood, I wouldn't roll my eyes so much when they have a hundred million dollars plus 40% of the budget handed to them. With that kind of cash, DCSO should be like Douglasville PD. DPD has professional cops, good equipment and amazing coverage, exactly how it should be. From a citizen's point of view (mine), it appears that DCSO is getting tons of funding, yet they remain undermanned and under-equipped. Hmmm...Just where IS all of that cash going? There may be a perfectly good explanation.
judy jenkins September 29, 2012 at 03:54 AM
It is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty BUT in douglasville the people that are supposed to protect us the police department are so corrupt how can you believe them.IF the man is innocent BUT they want him to be guilty then they will make sure he looks guilty .because it makes them look better to have found the person.It makes people feel better about the department if they have someone in custody.If YOU have never experienced the corruption in douglasville then that is great for you.If you know someone in the department you can get away with serious stuff.Like my step son he molested my daughter when she was three years old .He admitted it and was charged three or four years later he was caught with child porn and then busted for drugs and stealing from bank machines this man has never went to court.He has damaged this little girl and ruined this family .He has so far not paid for his crime.When I called Douglas county they told me that his case was not going to trial it had been put on a dead docket.He is currently working at Jenkins Barber Shop in Douglasville.How do you commit these types crimes and some judge Jusr let him go.WHERE is the justice for this lite girl.His name is Chris Jenkins. Do not let him around your children.I am still hoping that the DA will do the right thing and bring justice to my daughter.She feels like everyone has taken HIS side over her.She is and was innocent SHe was only three.I
Fran Armstrong September 29, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Judy, In reading your rendition of the events that happened to your daughter, I am amazed that nothing was done. I am one of the ones who has never had an issue with law enforcement in DC but I do not understand how a three year old or anyone for that matter could be molested and the perpetrator not be in jail. Have you spoken to the DA yourself? If I were you and I didn't get a satisfactory answer I would go higher. I am so sorry for your family and you daughter. I hope she is getting the mental health assistance she needs for the trauma she endured.
Spanish Fly February 16, 2013 at 05:32 AM
its not about illegals, don't be a racist. There are bad people of every color. It's not about color, its about the person. My family is from South America and I will be honest with you, its hard to find another culture with the same beliefs and love for people. Families are very close knit, they are mostly all very honest, loveable, caring and willing to help people anytime. Futhermore, they cherish what they have and love and care for there families and friends. And to add one more thing, they are mostly all very hard workers. Trash comes in every color.
Celo February 16, 2013 at 05:40 AM
D, thank you for your rational comments. You are exactly right. Those poor kids will suffer as much as everyone else as they have lost there dad. Just because he was an illegal is not the reason he allegedly committed the crime. Status doesn't have anything to do with the murder.


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