Man Charged in DUI Death Released on Bond

Charged with DUI and vehicular homicide in the death of Grady Hospital EMT Jason Dale Strickland, Francisco Ferrer was released from jail on $300,000 bond.

Charged with DUI and vehicular homicide in the death of Grady Hospital EMT Jason Dale Strickland, Francisco Ferrer, 32 of Dallas, was allowed to bond out of jail.

Douglas County Superior Court Judge Robert James set Ferrer's bond at $300,000 in an order, filed with the County Clerk's Office on Dec. 26. James had originally denied bond to Ferrer in April of 2012, when he was originally in court.

It is not clear why the change in decision. James' office said the judge would not comment on an on-going case.

“We are confident that the evidence in this case demonstrates the defendant was properly charged with being under the influence when he caused the death of this victim,” said Douglas County District Attorney David McDade. “The victim made a career as an EMT helping others, we intend to honor his legacy by helping this family seek the justice they deserve.” 

Ferrer was traveling west on Interstate 20, in March of 2012, when his Honda Element struck Strickland's Harley Davidson from behind, said Gordy Wright, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol.

Assistant District Attorney Ryan Leonard told the court that Ferrer was drunk with a blood alcohol content of .125, the Douglas County Sentinel reported. The impact ejected Strickland from the motorcycle and into the center travel lane where he was hit by a tractor-trailer truck.

“I just don’t know how you wouldn’t know immediately that you had hit a Harley – that’s a big bike – unless you were so drunk that you were incoherent to all that was going on around you,” James said at the orignial trial, the Sentinel reported. “I do feel that there is a likelihood that you would do this again. Mr. Ferrer, you are not the first person to stand before me accused of having killed someone after a fun night at Fannie’s. Bond is denied.”

Bruce January 04, 2013 at 10:04 PM
Alcohol is legal but marijuana is illegal in Ga., even if used at home?
Sharon Wills January 27, 2013 at 06:47 AM
This man is an Abombination to the Human Race. He has no regard for anyone but his own sorry existance. He walked away unscathed while his victim was picked up in pieces in a plastic bag. He didn't care for his own family nor any family that was on the highways that fateful morning after he spend a day and night of partying at a local bar. I hope that he wears the innocent blood that he spilled in stains on his soul for eternity. He should be put away without any mercy.. He had NO mercy upon anyone in his path that morning, why should the courts show any mercy to him?
Steven April 06, 2013 at 07:51 AM
A Picture of the Battle between GOOD and EVIL here. You have a Good man, Jason Strickland who spends his life and heart saving the lives of others as a Grady EMT who just got off from work and was on his way home. You have EVIL, (JR FERRER) who leaves a trashy strip club after spending an obscene amount of money on strippers and getting drunk, gets into his weapon and runs down Strickland leaving stricklands motorcycle stuck like a bug to the front of his car and throwing Strickland into the path of an on coming 18 wheeler who detroys Stricklands body then is hit a couple more times until his body is now in pieces littering the interstate where he spent his days saving lives on. Strickland had children at home waiting who will never see their daddy again, then you have FERRER, who has a Baby at home and is out at 4am at a strip club and who will have a sorry piece of crap daddy all her life. Ferrer will forever be a burden to society now as I'm sure he already was. He took one of societies best, Jason Strickland and put him in baggies. I PRAY this UNITES a CITY, A County, A State, A Country and everyone should become OUTRAGED that this atrocity happened and will not be let go. A shame that old fashioned hangings have been outlawed. This one BEGS for it. I hope this Trash never sees the light of day again.
Sherry April 17, 2013 at 10:02 PM
This horrible dirtbag creep will surely reap what he has sown. He took the life of a much Needed and Loved and Honorable Man from this world and from everything I have heard, he doesn't care. He is trashing Jason's family's name and telling lies on top of lies to advert his responsibility. He apparently has NO remorse and only cares about blaming everyone else for his own sorry existence that is full of Malice. He should be tried for MURDER plain and simple. I hope they bury him in Prison and still that wouldn't be enough. When are they going to put him on trial? Out on Bond, Free to do what he wants and spend time with his own filthy family that Jason will never get to do again. Ferrer didn't appreciate his family or he wouldn't have been out all night at a Strip Club in the Ghetto part of town. This tells people all they need to know about what a horrible menace he is to society. Makes one keep pondering the question, why do the 'Good' die at the hands of 'Evil'. If it's true only the good die young, this piece of trash will be too long lived. Good riddance to bad rubbish when his days are ended.
Judy April 18, 2013 at 11:49 PM
Just a Crying Shame! This man looks evil. I knew Jason and as the 1 year anniversary past of his death, I went to a place that I remember Jason loved and cried. He was such a Wonderful and Endearing Man only to have his life so unimaginably taken in such a violent way just makes me sick thinking of his last moments. I am a Christian and I have to pray that God will forgive me for the Horrible Anger and thoughts I have against this demonic creature that will live his life once this is past. I can Only BEG the Justice System will Deliver a Swift and Mighty Hand of Justice Against him. He will also have to meet his maker and I pray that I do not have so spend eternity in a place with people like him. You are a DISGRACE and SHAME to the human race Mr. Ferrer. I do not address you with any respect. God Bless Jason's Families and Children that will never know their wonderful Daddy. Love you Jason, Judy.
stogner74 April 22, 2013 at 09:31 PM
This is an ATROSITY to the Family of Jason Strickland and every citizen who drives and lives. Ferrer should have never been allowed out on bond. Jason will never be free from his grave!!! Ferrer has no remorse and has proven that by attacking Jason's name and his reputation online through misleading posts. A dark cloud fell over west ga. when Ferrer left that jail. I can only pray for Strickland's family, his children and society that they put this Demon in the Hell he deserves and leaves him there. When will justice be served and how can the courts allow him to walk around when Jason's body was not even allowed an open casket burial??? His only crime was getting off from work from "Saving" lives while this Filth was out partying at a 'strip' club, eating and drinking and taking lives. The Devil is Surely alive and well taking care of his own. Please hear the pain of Jason's Family!!!
Stephan Johnstonsonton April 24, 2013 at 12:45 AM
That SOB with be back in mexico before the trail starts,I just thank the sunny lord that he didnt smoke any of the devils weed within a 15 or 20 day period or it could have been an entire schoolyard playground that got hit.I'm extra sorry that jason got killed,if only it could have been just a regular shlub and not a first responder then mabye it wouldnt be such a big deal
Judy April 24, 2013 at 01:51 AM
I agree, he is probably on his way there now as the trial approaches. The devil wouldn't have let it have happened to a member of his own sorry family but instead of such a good, moral and decent man like Jason. This is how the Devil works and I'm very sure that the Devil has used Ferrer on more than 1 occasion to destroy innocence. If he is on his way to mexico, I sure hope he gets his before he hits the border.


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