Heirway Honors First Responders

Douglsaville's Heirway Christian Academy continues their tradition of service by delivering homemade goodies and cards to show their appreciation to local service professionals.

, an inter-denominational Christian school Tuesday continued its tradition of honoring local first responders and service professionals by taking homemade goodies and cards in remembrance of 9-11. Heirway started this tradition ten years ago after the tragic attack on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, in an effort to express their gratitude for local service personnell and first responders in the community.

“We are very grateful for the dedication and service that our local fire, police, and other emergency and service professionals provide our community,” said Timothy Thomas, principal of Heirway Christian Academy. “We feel like it is extremely important to teach our students the importance of showing appreciation to those that serve us on a daily basis. We have chosen 9-11 as a special day when we take the time to honor those that risk their lives and dedicate each and every day to keeping our community safe and strong. It is a small gesture, but we hope it expresses our sincere gratitude for the services they provide.”

As part of the service, Heirway students deliver homemade goodies and cards to the local fire station, police station, 911 Emergency Management Office, City Maintenance, Sherriff’s department, and also the Armory and National Guard when they are in town.

Heirway is fully accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission (G.A.C.), and serves Pre-K through 12th grade. The school is recognized by the State of Georgia and allows high school seniors access to the HOPE scholarship. The Academy offers a well-rounded sports program for both elementary and secondary levels and is a member of the Georgia Independent Schools Association (G.I.S.A.). The Academy has a history of students producing high achievement and SAT test scores.


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