Commissioner Leads Inquiry After Teens Were Left Alone in Courthouse Holding Cells

Report: Firings are possible after internal investigation.

Douglas County Courthouse. WSB-TV screenshot
Douglas County Courthouse. WSB-TV screenshot

Douglas County Commissioner Kelly Robinson is initiating an investigation into the weekend incident at the county courthouse in which two juvenile suspects were left alone in holding cells for more than two days.

Robinson said in an emailed statement he will “initiate an independent inquiry to understand the institutional failure points,” according to an AJC report.

The two teens, who were at the courthouse for Friday hearings, were left alone in holding cells at the Douglas County courthouse without food, lights or toilet paper the entire weekend, the sheriff confirmed Tuesday.

The teens, ages 16 and 17, were supposed to be transported back to an area youth detention center after neither suspects’ parents showed up at the courthouse on Friday. They were put in holding cells, but not checked again until Monday morning.

Sheriff Phil Miller said deputies assigned to security at the courthouse did not follow procedure and failed to check to make sure the cells were clear by the end of the day Friday.

Robinson called the incident “unfathomable” in his emailed statement.

WSB-TV reported between 8 to 10 deputies were involved, and there may be firings after an internal investigation.

Octo Slash June 26, 2014 at 08:34 AM
Might've been the best thing for those kids. Perhaps they'll learn to AVOID ENDING UP IN JAIL.
Joan Lloyd June 26, 2014 at 07:26 PM
The are minimizing the seriousness of this crime. If a parent did this they would already be in jail for it. This is indeed a great lesson for these kids, but the shame of it is that these people acted more carelessly they they did to begin with. We do not need to arrest another parent who made a simple mistake with their kids.....not after this! no food, no water, no bathroom. Unsupervised strangers, Just bad all around.


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