City of Douglasville: Don't Call 911 to Report Power Outage

The city of Douglasville is reminding residents not to tie up 911 with calls about power outages, which should be reported to utility companies.

The city of Douglasville is reminding residents to report power outages to utility companies. File|Patch
The city of Douglasville is reminding residents to report power outages to utility companies. File|Patch

The city of Douglasville is reminding residents without power to call their utility company rather than 911 to report outages.

Georgia Power and Greystone Power have crews on stand-by, along with other utility companies from around the southern region which have arrived to assist in restoring power.

Numbers to Call To Report Power Outage

Please report outages to the appropriate power company - do not call 911 - E911 is designed to handle emergency situations. Greystone customers call 1-866-GREYSTONE to report power outages. Georgia Power customers call 1-888-891-0938 to report power outages.

Please be mindful of falling tree limbs and possible falling trees during this time; and Do Not approach any down power line.

Update from the city's website:

All Sanitation Services are CANCELLED for Wednesday 2/12/2014 and Thursday 2/13/2014. Includes Residential and Commercial Sanitation Services. Weather permitting, City Residential Services will pick up Garbage Only on Friday 2/14/2014. No Recycling and No Yard Waste. Garbage Only

The Douglasville City government today was finalizing plans for services to our community during and immediately after the damaging ice storm which is expected to hit overnight.

The City's Police Department and Maintenance Department have initiated their respective public safety plans, including dealing with stranded motorists and dangerous streets and roads.

Both departments were involved Monday in meetings with Douglas County Emergency Management Agency officials and other county government and state government representatives to ensure a coordinated response when the freezing rain hammers the Douglasville Douglas County area overnight.

Even as people sought to deal on Tuesday with the mixture of rain, sleet, and snow, the greater dangers that accompany freezing rain and the resulting ice buildup on tree limbs and roadways were the center of attention as plans were finalized for Wednesday.

Douglasville's government access television station CITI TV (Comcast digital channel 22) is focusing on virtually continuous reports on weather information, road conditions, closings, and special announcements. Mayor Harvey Persons said people in Douglasville can keep up with the impacts of this winter storm by watching CITI TV.

Mayor Persons pointed out that two weeks ago when the snow and ice storm almost totally paralyzed the metro Atlanta area, the subfreezing weather and the suddenness of the storm's arrival resulted in Douglasville and other governments being in a crisis management situation. "We immediately had a high volume of E911 calls due to traffic accidents, very dangerous road conditions, and stranded motorists and school children," he said.

With more time to prepare for this new storm's arrival, Mayor Persons said the Police Department, Maintenance Department, and other responders have coordinated preparations to deal with the incoming ice storm. Broken tree limbs, power outages, and very bad road conditions can be expected.

City Hall will be closed on Wednesday due to the inclement weather. An announcement concerning operating hours for City Hall hours on Thursday, February 13, will be made by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.


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