Additional Charges: What Inmates Were Hiding Was Found During Booking

She had drugs, he was hiding his identity.

Douglas County, Ga., police news
Douglas County, Ga., police news

A couple of inmates at the Douglas County Jail were charged with additional offenses during the booking process.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Maya Montgomery was being booked on May 20 for probation violations when a small amount of cocaine and a smoking pipe was found on her. She was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug-related objects and crossing a jail guard line with drugs. She received a $10,000 bond on the new charges. 

On May 22, Marshall Lee Brummitt was arrested by the Georgia State Patrol for DUI and related traffic charges. He originally identified himself as his brother, but his fingerprints revealed his real identity. Brummitt was charged with giving a false name and four counts of forgery. Deputies also learned Brummitt was wanted in Florida and was attempting to conceal his identity.

Source: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office news release


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