9 Arrested at Douglas Mobile Home Neighborhood in Connection with Local Burglaries

Stolen items included guns, jewelry, medication and ammunition.

Douglas County, Ga., police news
Douglas County, Ga., police news

Nine people were arrested during the execution of search and arrest warrants in a Douglas County mobile home park last week.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release five search warrants were carried out June 6 in the Corn Crib Mobile Home community relating to burglaries in the neighborhood and one that occurred in April on Bomar Road.

“While serving these search warrants and arrest warrants, we located several items that had reported stolen from several of the reported [burglaries]. We also recovered illegal narcotics and narcotics-related items,” the press release stated. “Several individuals who did not have active warrants for burglary or theft were arrested for narcotics-related charges.”

Arrested were Frankie Cain Gilley, Brenda Gilley, Chad Crosby, James Earl Hall, Ricky Hill, Barry Wade Parson, Cody Higgins, Larry Allen Williams Jr., and Judith Belcher. There are outstanding warrants for other individuals for burglaries and other charges, the sheriff’s office said.

Stolen items in the burglaries included guns, jewelry, medication and ammunition. Deputies recovered a substantial number of stolen items, but many others are still at large.

“During the execution of the search warrants we were able to solve other felonies for other counties,” the press release stated. “We were able to recover the credentials of a law enforcement agent that was taken in an entering auto from several months ago.”

More from the Sheriff’s Office:

We would like to remind each of you that there is a safe and secure website that is available free of charge at ReportIt.LeadsOnline.com to be able to safely and securely keep track of the serial numbers of your valuables. Remember if we, as law enforcement, are able to increase the chances of recovering stolen property with serial numbers than without any serial numbers. So please take advantage of this free service today. If you have any questions or information please feel free to contact Sgt. M.W. Howell at 770-920-4915
M June 10, 2014 at 05:18 PM
Don't confuse the neighborhood as a "trailer park". Most of the folks that live in the area actually own the property. The neighborhood has been in existence for almost 50 years now and is no different than McMansions on Chapel Hill Road, you have nice homes, you have some not so nice homes. I find the writer's ignorance insulting to indicate "trailer park" trash arrested.
Scott Bernarde June 10, 2014 at 06:05 PM
That's a fair point, M. Thanks.
TT June 18, 2014 at 05:45 AM
Why no pictures of the perps? Scott, what are you hiding?


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