6 Arrested in Multi-Jurisdictional Metal Theft Ring

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department worked with several agencies to arrest six people accused of theft of wire hanging from telephone poles.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department in conjunction with Fulton County Burglary and Metal Theft Task Force, Fairburn Police Department, Union City Police Department, Carroll County Sheriff's Office, and AT&T corporate security culminated a multi-jurisdictional investigation on Sept. 28 with the arrest of six suspects, according to the Sheriff's Facebook page.

The following were charged with RICO and other various charges:

Harry Reese Wilson, DOB: 12-04-87; Terry Luttrell, DOB: 12-14-65; Charles Black, DOB: 08-22-73; Keith Landrum, DOB: 03-20-76; Betty Robinson, DOB: 06-06-79; and Mary James, DOB: 12-05-71.

This was an extensive investigation over an extended period of time of the theft of wire that was hanging from telephone poles. There were several occasions where several hundred feet of hanging wire was stolen. The wire was eventually sold to metal recyclers in the Atlanta area and in the Cherokee, North Carolina area. Numerous sleeves that once held the wire has been recovered along with evidence to show the locations where these and other individuals burned the insulation off the wire before it was sold.

The investigation indicated that several of these individuals made numerous trips in different vehicles to recyclers in North Carolina and metro Atlanta.

Search warrants were executed in this case at the Country Hearth Inn and Suites in Union City, 5405 West Teel Road, Fairburn, and 2004 Britt Road in Douglas County. Several narcotics related items were found including suspected methamphetamine. Remnants of AT&T wire was found, large wire cutters similar to those seen in videos in this case was located also. Also located were several deer stands that were used to climb up the poles to start cutting the wire.


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