4 Face Arson Charges In Mill Fire

See Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller's Press Conference in its entirety.

Jeromie Hand, 17 of Douglasville, and Adrian Bond, 18 of Shelbyville, TN, have been arrested and charged with arson and several other charges in connection with the burning of the General Western Cotton Mill on May 12, Phil Miller said in a press conference this afternoon.

Terry Carringer, 18 of Hiram, and Christopher Roberts, 20 of Douglasville, will face the same charges, including interference with government property, criminal damage to property and burglary, as soon as they are arrested, either this afternoon or Wednesday morning, according to Miller.

A lead sent to Chief Chris Womack via Facebook was a main focal point of the investigation.

The four kids, described as goth, were using aerosol cans to get high in the building and lit several fires which lead to the eventual destruction of the mill.

The purchased the mill on Sept. 6, 2011, on the Douglas County Courthouse stairs, for $29,000. Miller said the kids may have been doing the City a favor, financially, because the building would have been expensive to tear down.

See more about the mill on Douglasville Patch:

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LeeR May 30, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Unfortunately, part of the City's headache has been solved through a 2nd degree arson crime. Phil has been a good sheriff, but I think I would have chose some other words or just said nothing at all about arsonists doing the City a favor. I can see the defense attorney saying to the judge, "Yes your honor my client, by accident, helped set the fire that burned that building down, but even the Sheriff said they did the City a favor".
Stephan Johnstonsonton June 03, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Sheriff Miller is only stateing the obvious,He's not condoning or expressing any kind of thanks for the mill burning down.Only a elitist ,nosey,northeastern liberal would suggest that some one lose there job for a verbal utterance.Sheriff millers job is to arrest law breakers and he must do it well because hes got 4 arsonist in his jail for the discussed crime.These kids are real young and real stupid at most they should get first offender bootcamp,or at least alot of community service, make them work hard to create for a while then destruction wont come so easy.
Captain Chaos June 03, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Leave Phil alone... These stoners did help out the City politicians... Look now we have a new location for another parking deck, or another jail, or conference center that no one will use!
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