2 Major Douglas County Roads Close

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department is reporting that ice and accidents have closed two major Douglasville roads.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department is reporting that Chapel Hill Road is closed. Highway 5 is also closed at the moment due to ice and accidents.

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Murray Jr January 29, 2014 at 10:19 AM
To those blaming DOT. It's not them. They don't have the resources or budget to handle this type of situation. The biggest contributing factor was the schools Douglas County School System not being closed in preparation for this. Remember when they pre-closed the schools because of Cold? (That was a questionable decision, pre-closing for this event wouldn't have been) The schools announced mid-day that they were closing early. BAM - Everyone starts leaving work and their homes at the same time to get their kids, then people start getting calls from their kids that the buses are running late or that they see accidents, my daughter included, BAM again. All you see and hear in your head as a parent is "I gotta go get my kid before something bad happens". This situation still would've been bad, but it was much worse but not pre-closing the schools. They need to pre-close for Thursday now so parents and care-givers have one less thing to worry about or plan for today. If they can pre-close for "Cold" they can pre-close for this.
T January 29, 2014 at 01:02 PM
Too Funny Murray. Sounds like the governor blowing smoke at us.
T January 29, 2014 at 02:19 PM
Mayor of Atlanta just stated that the city has 30 spreaders and 40 plows. So, if the state of Georgia cannot keep the interstates clear, someone is not doing their part. You do not have to clear an entire expressway, 2 lanes of clear road at 10mph are better than 4-6 lanes of dead still traffic. Also, the DOT is responsible fir information flow, which is more critical than the roads. So, whats the excuse there? Not enough of people? 511 had no info at all last night and this morning. They actually had I -20 traffic labeled as moving 12-14 mph and it was DEAD STILL for 4 hrs moving a whole 1 mile in that time. So, why is there nobody responsible for information at all levels? There were several plows seen last night getting through and they are so ignorant at their jobs, their plows were not down. PATHETIC! Some people need to work up north for a while and learn the right way to guarantee clear roads, they are all laughing at how dumb our state is now!!!!
Murray Jr January 29, 2014 at 02:36 PM
I don't think they actually "own" 30 spreaders and 40 plows. They have them on retainer from a Private company.
T January 29, 2014 at 06:42 PM
Just for any clarifications, the problem is not local county/city dot but it is the GDOT system. Watched all day news and everytime they showed plows on the snow covered interstates NOT ONE plow had their blade lowered, even when there was 2 abreast. They haven't a clue of how to use a plow and salt the road behind. They also stated that they only pre treated overpasses and bridges. When they went to do the roads , there was too much traffic already. Well, that is pathetic planning!!!!!!! Brine mixture will not freeze at the temps we had during all that fiasco. Pre treat, then go with salt/sand/gravel later. Seen this 6 times and always the same in Ga, they cannot do the job because they do not learn. Use the northern states proposals, they said they are willing to assist, USE their knowledge. Gov. Deal has to go!!!!!!


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