Thanks to Commissioners for Support

In this letter to the editor, a Douglas County resident expresses his appreciation to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners for their attention to the Douglas County Animal Shelter.

I want to publicly thank Commission Chairman Tom Wortham and the , for their support of community efforts to improve our county . The recently combined efforts of the commissioners, community volunteers and county veterinarians, have led to the implementation of numerous improvements and positive changes at the animal shelter. These improvements and changes have had an immediate and notable effect on the lives of the animals being housed there and these changes are greatly appreciated by the community.

Commissioner Wortham, through his leadership and commitment to the citizens of Douglas county, has demonstrated that our board of commissioners are listening and progress is being made at our animal shelter. Commissioner Wortham is committed to building a new animal shelter facility and that commitment is further demonstrated by his recently announced intention to see that proceeds from his , will be utilized toward the goal of building a new animal shelter facility. I want to thank Commissioner Wortham for his support of our community and for his support of animal welfare concerns and I want to encourage the citizens of Douglas county to come to the commissioner's state of the county luncheon and support our animal shelter with their contribution.  

I also want to thank Commissioners and Henry Mitchell for their individual and combined efforts toward the goals of addressing the needs of our animal shelter. Each have been instrumental in seeking out and working with citizens and community sponsors such as Leadership Douglas, toward the goal of improving our animal shelter and addressing the immediate needs of the facility. Through building relationships with organizations such as Leadership Douglas and recent donations by , funding for the ongoing goals and the immediate needs of our animal shelter are being met.  

Thank you again commissioners for listening to the concerns of Douglas county citizens on behalf of the animals and thank you for responding with positive programs and positive actions to address those needs.  


Carl Pyrdum

Murray Jr January 20, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Very nice people at the shelter. We got our cat their for our family Christmas present and the staff was and helpful.
Bruce January 21, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Commissioner Mike Mulcare found this issue almost 8 years ago when he first was narrowly voted as commissioner. He had no issues and suddenly he supported building one of the biggest prisons in the southeast. He never mentioned a prison in his campaign. After the prison was twice defeated, Mulcare poked about for an issue and found the fuzzy, warm, feel-good issue of animals. I love animals, better than a lot of people. But Mulcare nearly lost his first run for office and his second run. I suspect he will run for a third term and this will be his big issue. He sure can't use the prison fiasco.


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