May Mama of the Month–Marie Crowe

She's a tireless community organizer and advocate for local food as well as a Douglasville native.

Meet Douglasville Patch’s Mama of the Month of May, Marie Crowe! Marie is passionate about her family, God and food; and by food I mean REAL food, the stuff that’s grown by local farmers. As co-founder and manager of Douglasville’s 10:10 Farmers Market (one of Metro Atlanta’s only year-round farmers markets), Marie is an enthusiastic advocate for eating wholesome food and supporting our local economy. (“10:10” is a reference to the Biblical verse John 10:10 – "I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.") Marie is also a true hometown girl; she was born and raised in Douglasville.  She deftly balances her roles as a homeschooling mom, community organizer and devoted wife and does it all with a big smile. (In fact, that smile is likely to be the first thing you see when you visit the 10:10 Farmers Market.) She’s our Mama of the Month because she’s committed to making Douglasville a great place to live. 

Here are Marie’s answers to the Mama Matter’s M.O.M. Q & A:

Hometown: Douglasville, GA

Where do you live in Douglasville: Columbia Gardens Apartments 

Tell us about your family: My husband Eric and I have been married 5 years, however I met him when I was 14 years old.  He was 16 and skateboarding in our church parking lot, and I took one look at him and thought, “I want to marry him!” Our amazing daughter Elise was born in January of ‘07 and she is the light of our life. Eric and I alternate days in homeschooling our daughter. I work at as the Director of First Impressions, and I am the Market Manager for the , that I co-founded. My husband works Part time with Heritage Farms, and spends the rest of his time in writing music and taking care of our sweet Elise. We have quite the busy life, but always make time to take adventures together as a family.

Favorite activity with your family: Touring the many parks & farms in our area!

What you do for fun: I love singing and dancing with Elise, we hold mini concerts for daddy! 

Favorite charitable causes: There are so many worthy causes out there, but some of my favorites are Faith In Action, M.A.C. (Making A Change), and Elder. All are local charities making a difference in our own home community.

Visit Douglasville’s year-round Farmers Market – 10:10 Farmers Market – every Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m. at Crossroads Church.  You can also find 10:10 Market on Facebook.

Heather Reece May 20, 2011 at 02:23 PM
Way to Go Marie! We miss seeing your smiling face at AGCA but know you are one busy mama! Our best to Elise and Eric...All the best from your AGCA family.
Angela Tyler May 20, 2011 at 09:30 PM
I don't know of anybody that deserves it more than Marie....she cares about the health and being of her family. Elise is one lucky little girl!
Theresa Samples May 20, 2011 at 09:59 PM
I am so immensely proud of my daughter who is given this amazing honor. She is a wonderful server of God and practices daily what the Lord teaches about family. I know her sweet, adorable daughter will continue to express her love for the Lord has her Mother has in her life. Thank you God for the amazing blessings you bestow in our lives!
wesley john freeman January 31, 2013 at 05:30 PM
just make sure angela marie tyler dont get mother of the month she dont pay her child support for her daughter doesnt send her daughter gifts for birthdays or christmas she gave false address to her daughter and the court hasnt done any of court ordered supervised visits with her daughter and yet she goes to nashville tn and north carolina to comedy clubs and bars and goes to church claiming she is a good mother guess thats why dch services took her children away from her lol she lies and tells people her daughter had cancer to get sympathy yet she dont have it dr s say she never did now angela is telling everyone she has cancer well all i can say God is watching and chucky luvs you (chucky weirds her out !) if you know angela marie slater tyler s address or how she can be found contact ga police so she can be served for not paying child support last known address she gave court was 3364 summit dr douglasville ga 30135 please will good parents in douglasville ga please help to get her caught and served thankyou for your time


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