4 Aesthetically Oriented Facts You Should Be Aware Of When Picking Apartments In Douglasville GA

Choosing one of the best apartments in Douglasville GA isn’t just about picking a home in a prime location; it is also about getting to know a bit more about the structural appeal of the property. Basically, living in a beautiful building can often make coming home much more appealing, and when you are looking for a place to live in Douglasville, this isn’t difficult to do.




According to the experts, the CBD of Douglasville is actually one of the placed listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This basically means that apartments in Douglasville GA that are specifically located in the CBD tend might be much more appealing than anywhere else simply because of their turn of the century railroad charm. There are many people who want more than just a pretty place to live; they want to stay somewhere that is historically significant, and Douglasville has this and so much more to offer.


Common Buildings


Because of the history of this area, you will most likely find that many of the buildings tend to be one or two stories high, and many of them will date back to the 19th or 20th centuries. Since so many different types of people came pouring into the area back in the day, you will also find the structural styles of the properties to range from Romanesque to Italianate.


Finer Details


When you look closely at many of the properties in this area, you will most likely notice that the finishings on the properties are quite intricate. It is not uncommon to find Gothic-style archways and even hooded windows, which adds to the romantic appeal of this area.


The O’Neal Plaza


The O’Neal Plaza is situated in the center of this town and it is where many small performances take place. Living close to this plaza ensures you will always have something to do on the weekends, and it also makes for a fantastic view.


When you are in the process of picking out your new home, it pays to pay attention to more than just the location of your property, although this does tend to be important. In the end, when you move to a historically significant town, you’ll benefit from the aesthetical appeal that these areas have to offer and Douglasville is no different. Be sure to make this a priority during your search for a new apartment.

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