King Buffet Relocates Restaurant

King Buffet reopened its doors this month and celebrated their grand opening with a chamber ribbon cutting on Feb. 7.

By Sara Ray, Douglas County Chamber

Manager Mandy Gao is pleased to announce the re-opening of King Buffet in a new location in Douglasville and Douglas County. King Buffet reopened its doors this month and celebrated their grand opening with a chamber ribbon cutting on Feb. 7.

King Buffet is a local family owned restaurant with friendly service and conveniently located near the Arbor Place Mall. One price includes a full Chinese buffet, with dim sum and some American. Guests can also enjoy the fresh sushi bar, cooked to order hibachi grill, salad bar, dessert bar, soft serve ice cream as well as TVs; and free Wi-Fi. King Buffet’s new location provides is plenty of room for meetings or large parties.

Douglas County Chamber Diplomat Chair, Athena Bryant, congratulated King Buffet on their new location, “On behalf of the DC Chamber, I would like to welcome you to our Chamber; we are thrilled to have King Buffet as members and I can guarantee that our members will be visiting your excellent location filled with a variety of tasty cuisine very soon!”

King Buffet is located at 6842 Douglas Boulevard in Douglasville. For more information, contact Mandy at (770) 489-0909.

makeba bolen February 25, 2013 at 10:30 AM
I went there with my family for my birthday, the food was good for the most part. Halfway through dinner, my son stood up and told me that there was a roach on his plate. Sure enough, as we looked on horrified there it was running around the rim of his plate of food. We notified the staff immediately. The woman who came over smashed the bug with her hand, pretended not to see anything. She wiped it off on her pants and went right back to dealing with the food.on the buffet. This bothered me very much. I have not been since they moved, but I find it hard to trust after that
T February 25, 2013 at 02:34 PM
Why would you not report them when the incident occured. Those that DO NOT report violations, are as much the problem as the food establishment.
makeba bolen February 26, 2013 at 10:08 PM
I did report them, that's part of the reason I'm surprised to see them still in business.


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