Irish Bred Pub's Balcony Project Breaks Ground

Irish Bred Pub is getting a wrap-around balcony that will overlook O'Neal Plaza due to be finished around late February.

After eighteen months in the planning The Irish Bred Pub has begun adding a  wrap-around balcony to its second floor. Construction is scheduled to begin around the third week of September and the new facility should be open for guests to enjoy around late February. 

"With the construction of the balcony, we truly believe we‘re adding not only another dimension to our restaurant, but just like O’Neal’s Plaza Stage and the new Conference Center, we’re creating another distinct attraction that will draw visitors to the downtown district," reads the Pub's newsletter. "We’ll be open during construction and invite you to come along and see the work in progress."

"Whether it be with a new menu, new festival events, or something on a much bigger scale such as this new construction, the Pub has always strived to play a leading role in the rejuvenation of the historic downtown and thus help return it to its past prosperity," continues the newsletter. "However, achieving such redevelopment takes a team effort and this balcony project is a perfect example of this. Without the vision and support of City officials such as the Mayor and City Council, the Downtown Development Authority, the Historic Preservation Commission and the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, such new development would not be possible. We look forward to returning the trust given to us by helping to further establish the historic district as a destination spot for the local and surrounding communities. In turn, we hope that new businesses will see the collective success of the existing businesses within the downtown and will be attracted to locate here, thus helping to continue the growth and revitalization of the area.
The second floor balcony will seat approximately 50 guests with seating for a further 40 guests underneath on the first floor covered patio. Just like the first and second floors inside the Pub, the balcony and patio will be family-friendly and will be able to accommodate private parties at certain times of the week.

What will make the balcony even more unique is that with the use of a system than resembles automatic garage doors, the Pub will be able to enclose the second floor whenever the weather is bad, thus making it usable 12 months of the year. The weather won't ruin your outdoor reservation plans.

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