Finding the ‘Just Right’ Family Dining Experience

Marietta Patch's picks for this week focus on the city’s best offerings for family-friendly restaurants.

During the summer months, families not only get a hankering for picnics and barbeques, they search out dining establishments that cater specifically to family situations. And that involves finding a dining experience that makes it worthwhile to get out of the house but does not focus on just the kids or just the adults. It’s involves a mix of ages and a mix of appetites.

So when it comes to searching for the best in family dining, sometimes I cannot help but think of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

You want something that’s not too formal (you really want to try to get your youngest boy into that suit and tie again?) and not too informal (fast food again!) You want something more than a burger and fries but it doesn’t need to be a five-course meal. Yeah, you need something "just right."

And as always, these lists are mostly personal preference and, thus, the start of a broader conversation. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments box below!

We are avoiding the chain restaurants here and going strictly local. Without further ado, here are some of Marietta Patch’s picks for the family-friendly restaurants.

 Simply one of Marietta Patch’s favorite restaurants in Cobb County, so we think it deserves its national reputation as a serious place for barbeque. And it’s rustic feel works perfect for family outings.

Gotta have a pizza place and this is definitely a pick with both its location, the atmosphere, the wait staff and, of course, the pizza. Not a big secret for families who go here after church or stop by regularly during their visits to Glover Park or celebrate after youth sports competitions.

3. ///This is simply a local dynasty for family eating. Choose any of the four and you cannot go wrong. The menus, especially at Marietta Diner, are so extensive that any and all appetites will be satisfied. And yet, during a recent visit, Marietta Patch got what he always gets: the gyro platter.

4. The name alone calls out “family,” doesn’t it?  Add to that is the fact that this is a family-owned and operated restaurant where Nick and Helen, the owners, personally make you feel at home. The food features Southern and Greek cuisine, all made fresh.

Another non-surprise as this has become a Marietta mainstay, particular for the folks on the west side of the county. Great Southern cuisine, with some twists, at prices affordable for the family.


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