Hwy 5 McDonalds Scores 78

Here are the food inspection scores for Feb. 4 to 10 from the Douglas County Environmental Health.

1-8549 Hardee's 940 THORNTON RD, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 98 A 02/06/2012 5 1-2990 Martin's 3440 HIGHWAY 5, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 95 A 02/07 6 1-919 McDonald's 9502 HWY. 5, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 78 C 02/07 7 1-9027 Pizza Hut 6951 S. SWEETWATER RD, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 99 A 02/08 8 FSP-048-000067 S'more BBQ 6855 DOUGLAS BLVD, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 97 A 02/10 9 1-6877 Zaxby's 650 MAXHAM RD, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 97 A 02/10
teresa Buckner February 22, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Thank you so much John. I think that will help people see the reason the score is so low. I managed Magnolia Cafe and we always posted ours at the door. We were always proud of our score. I think a 79 or below is great to get the score sheet. Thank you again.
John Barker February 22, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Hi Jessica, the only thing the Public Health person said today was that it is very rare for the inspectors to shut a restaurant down. They, of course, want to work with them to try and keep them open. She did say, however, that if it is a recurring event or there are concerns that a hearing is sometimes held.
Cynthia February 23, 2012 at 09:12 PM
I have taken food safty courses. Some things are very minor. Like a broken floor tile or a stain on the celing water mark or a leak I'n the bathroom or a light build missing or using the wrong bulbs. So only the food safty is really the big concern. All employees that are handling food must wear gloves. The thing is is the company is not making them change gloves them it's just as bad as not wearing them.
teresa Buckner February 24, 2012 at 03:25 AM
I am Serv-Safe certified and I can tell you now that it was much more than not changing gloves. That may be part of it but, not all of it. Food temp in freezer, cooler, and on the line matters a whole lot. So does out of date foods, and unclean conditions. All of the above can make you very sick and in some cases kill you. You can get points off for petty things but, using a wrong bulb in a cooler of freezer sounds minor but, If that bulb can't take the cold or freezing temps it can burst and glass goes in the cooler or freezer in turn putting glass in the food.celing water mark is unclean because a water mark means it has been wet. Setting up for mildew. Leak in the bathroom, you can fall get the bathroom water on your feet and track it to the dining area again, setting up for sickness. All these things sound minor and can be but, the rules are there for a reason.
Murray Jr February 29, 2012 at 02:20 AM
This is great information. I brought this up tonight at the Parents Band Meeting. This McDonalds's wanted our band to play at their location and do a fund raiser. I'm sure part of the reason they invited us was for marketing to help with their image.


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