American Idol’s Las Vegas Sudden Death Rounds Begin

American Idol in Las Vegas for the Sudden Death rounds. Forty contestants will be whittled down to twenty.

Last night began the American Idol round they are calling Sudden Death.  This is the first time our contestants perform in front of a large audience.  Ten contestants will perform; only five contestants will make it through.  Tonight it’s ten girls.  My first question is…were the contestants chosen by a random pick?  What if all ten contestants are the best in the competition?  Five of them would go home and five not so good contestants would continue.  Is American Idol trying to compete with The Voice?  I have to admit that in the end, it worked out, at least in my mind.

Sailing through this round were Kree and Angela.  Kree is a country singer with a strong voice.  Keith Urban is definitely in her corner.  Angela’s performance from last week was still so fresh on everyone’s mind that it didn’t matter how she did last night.

Amber is an eighteen-year-old that was cut from American Idol last season.  This year, she came out smarter, looking the part of a winner.  It doesn’t hurt to have amazing legs to go with your great voice!

So what happened last night was that the ten performances were compared to each other.  This really hurt country performers Jenny Beth and Brandy who both have great voices but just couldn’t equal the talent of Kree.

Kamaria said that she had trouble hearing the music both at practice and during her performance.  She was totally out of tune.  How come the other nine weren’t?  Not surprisingly, Kamaria was sent home.

The two contestants I hated to see leave were Isabelle and Shubha.  I love that Isabelle grew into such a swan.  She’s beautiful both in and out.  Shubha has been a favorite of a lot of America.  I knew when she got up from the piano that she was in trouble.  The song was too big for her.  She’s young and I think she was trying too hard.  See you next season Shubha, I bet!

I loved that Nikki told Tenna that her hairstyle aged her.  It definitely did and I think only Nikki could get away with saying something like that!  At twenty-eight years old Tenna is the oldest “girl” to make it through last night.  I’m not sure if I connect with her, but it will be interesting to see how maturity influences America.  Usually, America’s youth cast the most votes.

Adriana takes the fifth final place of the night.  This little 5 foot gal is a powerhouse.  She’s only seventeen-years-old, but she sure can connect with a song.

One thing I kept noticing over and over last night were shoes.  Did you see those heels?   If I had on shoes like that I wouldn’t be able to sing because I’d be concentrating on not falling on my butt!  Speaking of shoes, did you also notice Nikki’s and Mariah’s shoes during the elimination segment?  I was thinking that the two of them must have sat down shoeless and someone came over and put those shoes on them!  At the end of the show, Keith and Randy stood up and walked around.  Mariah never stood up.  Nikki did stand, but I didn’t see her walk.  LOL  I know I’m off topic.  Maybe American Idol is boring me already this season?


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