American Idol Guys Perform...Ouch!

The first group of American Idol guys take the stage in Las Vegas. Ten perform and only five will make it through to the next round.

Well, now that was quite a night on American Idol wasn’t it?  I’m wondering if all 10 of the guy contestants that will perform next week are going to be better than the first 10.  Frankly, I didn’t see anyone that screamed out “American Idol”.  Since there have been so many guy Idols, could AI producers have stacked the deck?  Does American Idol want to insure that a gal is the next American Idol?  Seriously, how could so many final contestants be NOT good?

The judges were all over the board last night.  A few times, I listened twice to performances to try to hear what they were hearing.  The whole thing should have been a total embarrassment.  American Idol was a singing competition but it is turning into a reality show, i.e. Honey Boo Boo.

After perusing the Internet, I’ll start with the most controversial of contestants Charlie Askew.  Charlie has always had problems fitting in–his words.  He’s quirky.  If I remember correctly, he did pretty good in his past performances.  Now, he’s in Las Vegas in front of a huge audience and his hands and voice are shaking.  I almost had to look away because he was making me a nervous wreck.  I wanted him to be amazing–I was rooting for him, but he wasn’t.  Some parts of the song were right on and then at other parts, he was totally out of tune.  When he hit the high note, I cringed.  However, it doesn’t matter what I think because the judges put him through.  If you look at comments on the Internet there are those that are 100% behind him and those who are horrified that he took a spot away from the likes of Johnny Keyser.

The only contestant that stood out for me last night was Devin.  He did a good job with his song.  At least he can make it through a whole song in key!  Singing part of the song in Spanish sets him apart from the pack.  He makes it through to the next round.

Curtis Finch Jr. is reminiscent of Jacob Lusk from last season.  My husband says Jacob’s talent is 100% better than Curtis.  I’ll hold my judgment until I hear more from him.  He does play up the dramatics with his facial expressions both when singing and also when listening way too much.   He takes one of the five coveted seats.

An interesting combination of ethnicity is Elijah.  He is half Chinese and half Mexican.  The judges feel he is current, relevant and could be the next pop star.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like him?  Pop is just not my thing.  What can I say–I’m getting old!  However, I think he will do well when the audience votes since so many youngin’s will be deciding his fate.

The first singer of the night was Paul doing a Keith Urban song.  He was definitely in tune.  The judges were split on this contestant, so Jimmy Iovine made the decision to keep him.  I’m not sure what to think, which means at the current time, he is unremarkable.  That’s five going on to the next round.

Not making the cut last night were some popular guys.  Johnny Keyser doesn’t have the best voice, but he sure does have the best teeth.  He was a looker, but perhaps a little boring?  American Idol is looking for viewers…thus, we have Charlie Askew.  On that same topic, I was kinda surprised that the judges dismissed Jda.  I think Jda had more talent than Charlie Askew and Johnny Keyser.  So he was a bit dramatic and out there.  At least he’s fun to watch.  My husband thinks the judges felt sorry for Charlie Askew so they put him through knowing that there are more cuts down the road anyway.  Maybe?

The other three not making it through last night were Kevin, Chris and Jimmy.  All of their performances were blah and their vocals just so-so.  I did like the look of all three of these guys though.

Next week, we do this same procedure all over again.  Twenty more contestants will be whittled down to ten–five gals and five guys.  Hopefully the guys will show some real talent.  If not, hurray for girl power!  Bloggergal

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