Local Star to Debut Tonight

Lorie Bomar, owner, is in the red chef's jacket.
Lorie Bomar, owner, is in the red chef's jacket.
Well-known local caterer Lorie Bomar will be staring in the upcoming TV reality show - "Catering Wars: Atlanta."

Bomar is inviting the entire community to come out and be a part of the show's debut tonight at the Douglas County Courthouse. The premier party begins at 8 p.m. and the television show begins at 10 p.m., on Lifetime.  Admission is free and there will be several big screen TVs, including two 35' tall. There will be plenty of entertainment and food, Lorie promises.

"The show is full of twists and turns," she said, "with lots of action."

Originally scheduled to be a half hour program, Lifetime has already increased the show's length to an hour and given it a premium spot, behind "Dance Moms," a show that garners more than 2.5 million viewers.

"It's on at a great day and a great time," Bomar said. "I'm very optimistic that people will love the show. If we can sit back and laugh at it, and we were there; it's got to be good."

The show started filming more than a year ago and Atlanta's Finest beat out more than 800 caters to earn their spot. During the weekly program, four Atlanta-based caterers compete.

The caterers are diverse, she said, but all from a one to five mile radius of Douglasville. They compete based on events from a real website, caterbid.com, which offers parties, food and entertainment.

"There plenty of surprises," she said. "Even the caterers are surprised at the events. On the day of the event you don't even know if you'll have a kitchen. There's all kinds of crazy stuff."
Bomar has been catering for more that 30 years and opened her family business, Atlanta's Finest Catering, about 15 years ago.

Atlanta's Finest takes on the owner's energetic attitude, having catered 57 weddings in the past two months and 167 events during a 21-day period at Christmas last year.

Lorie was born in Columbus, GA., but has lived in Douglasville since 1967. She went to high school in Paulding County and her husband Randy has lived in Douglasville his whole life, graduating from Lithia Springs High School.

She got her start at a local Kroger Grocery store, where she worked as a caterer for 30 years. "Kroger taught me how to cook," she said. "They gave me an opportunity to get into the catering business."

Lorie and Randy have three children, Laura, 19; Ashley, 18; and Blake, 15.

"They're my biggest fans," she said, "and I couldn't do it without them. 

"I'm very thankful to the businesses and families in the area that have used us over the years."

Click Here to see"Catering Wars: Atlanta" commercial with Atlanta's Finest Catering


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