'Ice Age: Continental Drift' a Perfectly Mediocre Film for Whole Family

Prehistoric cartoon characters head out on another adventure for a fourth time, this one in 3D.

Manny the Mammoth (Ray Romano), Diego the Sabertooth Tiger (Denis Leary), and Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) get stuck on a giant ice cube in "Ice Age: Continental Drift."

Our gang of misfits runs into Pirate Captain Gutt (voiced by Peter Dinklage) on board the iceberg. This is followed by laughs, some slapstick and a few musical numbers.

There's nothing in any way really awful about "Ice Age: Continental Drift" in 3D, just as there's no particular reason to recommend it. These guys just want to get off this iceberg and go home. As family offerings go, it's perfectly mediocre. 

This fourth installment in the "Ice Age" series continues to distort geological history here on Earth. Our planet's original great big single continent began to break up and drift apart into the modern continents a few hundred million years before any of these creatures evolved, but never mind. This is no time to start putting the series to the test of realism.

The Flick-O-Meter gives "Ice Age: Continental Drift" a three out of five. The movie is as comfortable and predictable as any Saturday morning cartoon but the laughs here are starting to feel a bit prehistoric.

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Show times at are:

Ice Age: Continental Drift NEW!
PG , 1 hr 27 min 


Try the . You'll never get an icy reception there!


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