The Great Escape into the Treetops

North Georgia Canopy Tours offer a unique to view to watch the leaves change.

Do you have fantasies of swinging through the trees like Tarzan? If that is the case, then this thrilling adventure might be for you.

North Georgia Canopy Tours offers three different tours: the Adventure Tour, the Premium Adventure Tour and the Sky Bridge Tour.

The course is designed with as little environmental impact as possible and nestled on about 100 acres in Lula, Ga.

The three-hour Adventure Tour contains 12 ziplines (or over one mile of cable), two sky bridges, three nature walks, zips over three ponds, two zips over North Oconee River and a rappel. The tour ends with a 695-foot dual zip over Hilltop Pond that leaves your adrenaline racing.

The Premium Adventure Tour is identical to the Adventure Tour but includes a video and digital photos of the trip. The Sky Bridge Tour is the shortest trip at two hours. It includes nine ziplines, two sky bridges and two nature walks.

Campsites are available with reservations. With the Indian spirit of the area in mind, the campsites were named after the seven clans of the Cherokee Indians. These campsites are not for those looking to "rough it."

Teepees, which were common of the nomadic Indian tribes Great Plains of North America, are on the sites and have heating, air conditioning and electrical outlets.

However, for those who enjoy more traditional camping, there are 15 "rustic" campsites. Of course, these "rustic" camping areas have a nearby bath house with separate men and women facilities.

Click here for reservations.


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