Sizing Machine Makes Mall Trip Quicker

After the free scan, shoppers are given a printout of a personalized shopping guide for denim and pants, recommending the best sizes to buy and where to purchase them at the mall.

Spending just 10 seconds in the new sizing machine at could mean saving hours of time shopping for jeans. In less than the time it would take to try on one pair of pants, the new Me-Ality™—Measured Reality—size-matching station uses a revolutionary new technology that enables shoppers to find their best fit.

Located on the upper level, next to the food court, the machine looks like the body scanner at the airport with a similar purpose, except no one is viewing a monitor. Shoppers remain fully-clothed, while stepping into the booth for their free scan. The scan identifies the fit, style, design and cut that is the best match for a person’s measurements. The shopper is then given a printout of a personalized shopping guide for denim and pants, recommending the best sizes to buy and where to purchase them at the mall.

“We are so excited to give shoppers the opportunity to preview the fitting room of the future throughout the Atlanta area,” said Tanya Shaw in a press release, President and CEO of Me-Ality™. “Right now we are in the preview phase of our launch, which means we’re able to match people with a range of denim and pants styles. We’ll be expanding to cover all clothing in the very near future.”

About 75 to 125 people a day have been getting sized in the machine since it arrived at the mall on Dec. 15, according to Store Manager Anthony Jackson.

"We've been getting positive feedback," he said. "It cuts your shopping time significantly."

Clothing choices can be broken down by store, style, brand or price, he said.

Because there is no sizing standard for clothing manufacturers, shoppers typically purchase different sizes depending on the brand. That's why most people have two or three different sizes in their closet, if not more. Me-Ality™ solves this problem, they say, by helping shoppers find what fits best, eliminating the guesswork and frustration associated with shopping for clothes.

The size-matching station sends and receives safe, low-power radio waves and records 200,000 data points by bouncing these signals off the skin of a fully clothed consumer. Me-Ality™ then compares body measurements to garment sizing specifications.

Then by creating a Me-Ality™ online profile, shoppers can benefit from: free updated shopping guides as new brands, styles and sizes are added; easier online shopping, and other style choices that are available online or at other retailer locations.

Me-Ality™ size-matching stations are expanding across the country this year with additional locations in the Atlanta area, followed by size-matching station openings in major malls in cities such as Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Boston and Southern California. Over the next two-plus years, Me-Ality™ size-matching stations will be in more than 300 malls across the United States.

Me-Ality size-matching stations are also in operation at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Cumberland Mall in Cumberland and Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody. Developed by Unique Solutions, Ltd., Me-Ality™ size-matching stations will begin a widespread rollout at shopping centers across the US beginning this month. For more information, visit www.me-ality.com.


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