Most Wanted's Victim: Her Road to Recovery

Charles Leon Parker's victim, Kimberly Lovell, is now a 42-year-old woman living with her husband Chris in Temple.

Labled as Douglas County's most wanted fugitive, in Madison County, FL, after eluding authorities for 29 years.

His victim, Kimberly Lovell, is now a 42-year-old woman living with her husband Chris in Temple, reports the Douglas County Sentinel. "She was a smiling little typical Douglas County girl when Parker married Kimberly’s mother in 1979. She was just 9 and her sister 6. But it didn’t take long for Kimberly and her sister to see the kind of man that had come into their lives," reads the Sentinel.

In the Sentinel article, "Lovell recalls a time in her life when she actually prayed for the end of time to stop the abuse that she lived with – abuse that she says her stepfather Charles Leon Parker Sr. exposed her to for almost two years."

Parker was originally arrested Nov. 24, 1982, in an incest case in Douglas County. He failed to appear in court to face the charges of incest and child molestation.

Madison County officers conducted a traffic stop at which the driver claimed to be Ross M. Healan of Madison, FL. The officer was suspicious because the driver did not produce a valid license, so he was arrested and fingerprinted.

The prints showed that the driver was Parker. 

Countless man-hours were put into this investigation over the years, and everyone with the fugitive staff has worked on the case at one time or another, according to the sheriff's website.

Momma of 2 January 30, 2013 at 06:19 AM
He needs to be in jail


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