Kiera Cooke is Featured May Artist at Dog River Library

See her artwork on display at the library through May 31.

"Man with Rose" by Kiera Cooke.
"Man with Rose" by Kiera Cooke.

Kiera Cooke is the featured artist for the month of May at the Dog River Library, and her exhibition of original art is now on display in the Library’s foyer and Community Room. The exhibit is open to the public with free admission at any time the Dog River Library is open.

Ms. Cooke was born into a military family and moved around quite a bit as they tend to do.  Her travels developed a thirst for cultures and customs foreign to her heritage.  Taking an early interest in art, she began taking on challenges such as free-handing cartoon characters.  During her high school years, she entered several art contests, winning awards for works with acrylics and inks.  She graduated from the Art Institute of Denver (Colorado).

ince graduation, she has been working independently with private and commercial entities on projects ranging from single paintings to murals stretching entire hallways.  Passionate about all things art, Ms. Cooke has been perfecting her craft as a realistic artist, putting as much detail and vibrant color into each work as possible.  She is always looking for her next challenge, and loves to entice emotion with her art.

The art will be on exhibit at the Dog River Library through May 31st. Admission is free, and the exhibit is open to the Public at any time the Library is open.  The Dog River Library is located at 6100 Georgia Highway 5.

Ms. Cooke may be contacted at Cookekiera@gmail.com or 720-280-2394.


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