Hudson's, Outback Score Below 75

Before going out to eat, check out the following food scores, which were determined by Douglas County Environmental Health.

.1-4774 904-A THORNTON RD, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 96 A 03/27 4 .1-9099 Benton House of Douglasville 4999 PRESTLEY MILL RD, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 96 A 03/28 5 FSP-048-000068 Bojangles 885 THORNTON RD, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 99 A 04/04 6 .1-6075 Da Vidos 4095 BANKHEAD HWY STE A, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 97 A 03/27 7 .1-81 6874 BANKHEAD HWY, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 74 C 03/29 8 FSP-048-000081 8479 HOSPITAL DR STE 20, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 88 B 03/27 9 .1-1896 JJ'S Wings 4 You 3750 BANKHEAD HWY STE 3, LITHIA SPRINGS Routine 97 A 03/26 10 .1-9456 6700 DOUGLAS BLVD STE 2000, DOUGLASVILLE Followup 91 A 03/27 11 .1-6334 2000 MIRROR LAKE BLVD STE A, VILLA RICA Routine 88 B 03/27 12 .1-9404 6331 DOUGLAS BLVD, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 72 C 03/28 13 .1-8345 Restaurant 9610 HWY 5, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 92 A 03/26 14 FSP-048-000078 Subway 3020 BANKHEAD HWY STE 2, AUSTELL Routine 95 A 04/05 15 FSP-048-000077 5845 STEWART PKWY, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 99 A 03/26 16 .1-208 8954 HOSPITAL DR, DOUGLASVILLE Routine 87 B 03/29
Allison Wiener April 17, 2012 at 02:14 AM
To me, it depends on WHY they get the score. I work in a restaurant (none of the ones listed), and points are deducted for things that don't really mean dirty kitchens or unsafe food practices. Yeah, those with a C are doing a lot wrong and have improvements to make... but it doesn't mean they're dangerous. If they WERE dangerous offenses, the health dept. would shut them down pretty quickly.
rich April 17, 2012 at 05:07 AM
I don't see how people can even like Hudson's. I've tried it twice and both times it was disgusting!! The sauce is too watery and it taste like pure mustard. The pork sandwich was all fat. Also the place was very dirty so I'm not surprised by the score at all!!! YUCK!!!
Andrew Whatley April 18, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Wallace's is the place to go.
Kate April 21, 2012 at 12:23 PM
We saw rats at Hudson's on 2 separate occasions, one my daughter said. "look mom a gerbil" extremely loud to where the manager heard her and quietly offered us a free meal. We haven't been back since and the food also caused us all severe diarrah and illness. We gave them a try several hoping it was just a stomach bug only to find out it was indeed Hudson's. Try Wallace's BBQ in Austell, very good and much cleaner.
Jackie Easterwood April 22, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Someone I know who worked there for a short time also saw rats in the kitchen and other things so that now they refuse to ever eat there again. This along with other things, not just the score, is why I won't eat there.


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