Birthday Bike Stolen Off Porch

Nine year old Angel wants to know who would steal something so precious from her. The bike was taken from Cindy Drive in Douglas County on Nov. 3 or 4.

Angel Clark's bike was less than a month old when it was taken off her porch on Cindy Drive on Nov. 3 or 4. It was a birthday present from her her Uncle Clay and, to her, it's irreplaceable.

"Almost everything we have is second hand or belongs to someone else and their just storing it here," Nancy Clark said, Angel's mother. "Her bike and her Nintendo DS were the first new nice things she had that were her’s no one else’s and un-like most nine-year-olds, she preferred her bike over the DS mostly because it was a gift from her Uncle Clay which made it extra special to her."

"We have told Angel many times now that we would get her a new bike, but she just keep’s telling us 'even if I got a new bike, I know someone is out there riding or tearing apart my other bike and it’s special. Why would someone want to take it from me?'"

"I still don’t know how to answer that question for her," mom said. "Since the bike went missing she has been having to ride her old bike which is now her sister maddie’s bike who is five, the bike is way to small for her and  the two girls are having to share, which is not easy with a five-year-old. I’m hoping we find her’s soon, but if not I will get her a new one and just hope that she will be happy."

The bike is a pink Mongoose brand and has a small tear in the seat (photo attached.)

If you have information, please contact Officer Grant at 770-920-3010 or 678-293-1633, case number 12-013896.



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