URGENT! Cat Needs Short Term Foster

Posted at local shelter FB Page:
URGENT! Short Term Foster Needed for Himmy-Lynx (declawed)
(location: Douglasville/Poweder Springs line)

~FORWARDED Message from Tabby~

I have a cat, Miss Kitty (but he's a boy!) that I have had since he was 2 months old. He is now 15, and I had to move down from SC to my aunt's house while looking for employment. My aunt is severely allergic, and had to put her own 3 cats outside due to the severity of her last attack -- which almost landed her in the hospital.

Miss Kitty is staying at my boyfriend's house until this Sunday, when I have to go pick him up. If I cannot find a temporary foster by then, he will have to be put outside with my aunt's cats, and I don't think he would survive that. He is declawed and has always been indoors and taken care of. He's my baby and it would kill me to have to do that!

I have a job interview on Tuesday and I am certain that I will get the job. I would only need a few months to get enough money together for my own apartment. This is only a temporary situation!

Miss Kitty is neutered, declawed, has his shots, and was combo tested. I have all his records. Please help me find him a short term foster situation.

Thank you!

Tabatha Miller
(best contact method)
tabbymiller77@gmail.com (at gmail.com)


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