Just Curious...

I've noticed lately people are shopping with weapons exposed and was just wondering if it was even legal? Went grocery shopping at Kroger Hwy 5 a while back and 2 guys in hunting gear came in with hunting knives all over their vests and belts, just now I came back from Publix Hwy 5 and the guy in the lane next to me had a gun exposed on his belt. When I said something about it to the person with me he quickly pulled his shirt over it. What the HELL is going on? I'm getting more and more concerned about living here everyday. Do I need to have a crossbow or shotgun strapped to my back(ala Walking Dead) just to go grocery shopping now? What is Douglasville coming too? Not feeling too safe these days.
Mike Strickland February 03, 2014 at 08:58 AM
That actually makes me feel safer! They most likely have a weapons permit since Georgia law now requires a permit for both exposed and concealed carry. My opinion is that a criminal is less likely to try something if he knows there are armed citizens around. I feel as safe as I would if there were an armed policeman in the store! Don't forget that a permit holder has to have a squeaky clean record! Now, that said, I think that open carry invites reaction from the general public. So, I don't think it's the wisest thing to do, but open carry doesn't worry me at all!


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