GreyStone Power Braces for Winter Storm

GreyStone Power Corporation employees are bracing for the probability of a winter storm.

GreyStone linemen Travis Turner and Taylor Shadrix load a bucket truck with appropriate supplies. Crews are on call 24 hours a day to restore power.  (Credit Ashley Kramer)
GreyStone linemen Travis Turner and Taylor Shadrix load a bucket truck with appropriate supplies. Crews are on call 24 hours a day to restore power. (Credit Ashley Kramer)

Officials are closely monitoring weather conditions and have a variety of contingency plans in place to address problems associated with snow accumulation, ice forming on tree limbs and power lines which can cause damage and outages to the distribution system. 

GreyStone has employees and contract crews preparing trucks with emergency equipment and necessary materials, should the weather become severe. Additionally, the electric membership corporations (EMCs) in Georgia, which could be hardest hit, have called upon other electric co-ops to provide help and support, should it be required.

GreyStone is stocked with poles, wire, connectors, transformers and other supplies frequently used in the restoration process. Vendors have been contacted to be on standby in case additional materials are needed.

GreyStone employees are on a heightened state of readiness and prepared to react immediately to any power outages.

Members should contact GreyStone to report any power outages and can obtain storm updates through GreyStone’s website, www.greystonepower.com, as well as the co-op’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/greystonepower. Power outages may be reported on GreyStone’s website on the Storm Center page, or by calling 1-866-GREYSTONE (473-9786).

In addition, GreyStone is encouraging members to make the following preparations as well:

  • Have non-perishable foods on hand such as canned fruit, powdered milk, peanut butter, bread and crackers.
  • Have a manual can opener.
  • Have blankets, sleeping bags and extra clothes, including hats.
  • Have flashlights, battery-powered lanterns and extra batteries.
  • For those with fireplaces, be sure to have kindling and a good supply of wood.

Think safety first during a storm, especially when it comes to downed power lines. Never approach or touch downed power lines. Always assume that downed wires are energized and call GreyStone at 770-942-6576 immediately.

Electric generators can be handy during a storm, but it’s vital to hook up the generator correctly and follow all instructions. Improper installation can send electricity from your generator onto GreyStone’s power lines, energizing lines that linemen believe to be out of service. A GreyStone lineman could be killed by this backfeeding of electricity. Generators can also create a deadly carbon monoxide hazard when placed indoors or in an enclosed area. For more storm safety information, visit www.greystonepower.com.

GreyStone Power serves more than 107,400 members in portions of eight counties, including Paulding, Douglas, Fulton, Cobb, Carroll, Bartow, Fayette and Coweta counties. Learn more at www.greystonepower.com.


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